How Massage can boost office productivity




With World Health day next month, April 7th to be exact we thought it was the perfect time to talk about chair massage, the benefits and how as little as fifteen minutes can boost office productivity.


Keeping it short and sweet, we have come up with some great reasons for companies to invest in their team’s health and wellness. If you are reading this and like the sound of it, then maybe send it on to your boss to get the ball rolling!!!!


How to boost office productivity...


Employees feel valued and appreciated

As humans we all like to feel valued and appreciated. A simple thank you and a show of appreciation will go a long way. For the majority of us if we feel appreciated, we are more inclined to do our best and work to the best of our ability. We work better together as a team, supporting each other and getting the job done.


Anxiety and Stress Relief

Stress and anxiety can have a major effect on us in general, especially in the work place. We may have deadlines and projects to finish and the pressure at times can lead to a burnout. Within 20 seconds of touch, the body releases hormones which are directly linked to the nervous system, helping us to feel calmer and better able to deal with the environment around us.


Better Clarity of thought

When we are more relaxed, we breathe more efficiently breathing from our diaphragm. When we are more relaxed we are able to get more oxygen into our lungs in turn sending it around our body and to our brain. Research has shown that good posture also improve our breathing. As a result it allows us to take in more oxygen and our cognition improves.


Promotes better sleep

Who doesn’t benefit from a good night’s sleep! Most people report that they slept like a baby after a massage. The reason why that is our body releases hormones like melatonin (sleep hormone), serotonin (mood hormone), oxytocin to name a few and the body repairs at night while we sleep. As a result the quality of your sleep is better.

After a good night’s sleep we feel refreshed, and we feel like we can take on the day ahead of us in a better frame of mind.


Repetitive Strain Issues

Upper neck and back tension can cause lots of problems progressing into carpel tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries. When we don’t address issues and leave them to ‘go away’ on their own they can turn from acute to chronic quite quickly, sometimes causing long term problems and making the injury  harder to treat.


We offer three simple packages to my clients, Once off, monthly or quarterly . For further details follow the link or simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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